Snappt is a new tool designed to measure engagement and success in your school using your iOS device. Each student, teacher and parent completes the survey which feeds into our powerful number crunching machine. We then produce statistics that shows you the levels of personalisation, engagement, motivation across your school.


Measuring Success

What makes something successful? We believe that when everyone is engaged, motivated and has a strong connection to what they are doing then it can be considered a success. So we made an app to record this.

Engagement and Enjoyment

Do you regularly ask your students if they are happy and enjoying their learning? Of course this is something we want all of our students to do and now you have a tool to capture and record enjoyment. It takes less than 30 seconds a day to use Snappt, but gives you amazing stats about your class or school.



As educators we strive to make sure our learning is deep and broad, a big part of this is sharing and working in groups. Our students, who have access to the world via the Internet, can choose to work on their own, with their class or can go global. Snappt lets us see how often this happens.

Snappt Global Stats





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